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Thai Massage
Herbal Suna
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oil massage
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traditional Thai massage in Yerevan

Unique Wooden Gift Cards 

Our unique eco-friendly gift cards are made from natural wood and sea star. They are handmade and recyclable.

These cards are being designed and assembled with great care. They are of unmatched quality, originality, and uniqueness.

They can serve as a special present for your beloved ones. You can mention on the card the type of massage you have chosen or just the amount of money.


You can get them from Thai Spa as well as they can be directly delivered to you or to whom they are presented. 


The gift card itself is free of charge. You just pay for the massage price. The delivery will cost 1.000 AMD in Yerevan.


The Gift Cards are valid for 3 months and are non-refundable. The mentioned type of massage on the card can be exchanged for another type of the same price, or just add any amount if the credit is not sufficient. Also is possible to pass the card to another person.

If you live outside Armenia, you can order a Gift Card by contacting us, make the payment by PayPal and ask for delivery. Click the icon to see the payment link. Please confirm the total amount before making the payment.


Contact & Find Us 

Our working hours:
every day, 12:00-23:00
Please make your booking in advance.

Thanks! Message sent.

Tel:   +374 10 265 644
Mob: +374 99 265 644
Mob: +374 98 265 644

Address: 7 Kievyan st. Yerevan
thai massage price list

Thai Spa 

Here you can find a big variety of different treatments, such as traditional Thai massage, foot reflexology, oil and aroma massage and interesting combinations. A small shop of coconut oils is also available in the Spa. Please make your booking in advance in order to be sure you can enjoy your preferred massage at your preferred time. 

Thai Massage Delivery

If you are not willing to come out from your home or you are too busy with your work, but really need a rest, we can perfectly organize it. You just need to order Thai massage or Oil Massage by our Thai specialist to your home, office, hotel room or wherever you are, and we will get to your place with all the necessary supplies, including our comfortable mattress for Thai massage or the table for Oil Massage.


Thai Massage is done without oil applying pressure and stretch methods on a special hard matt on the floor. It restores flexibility of your body, fills it with energy and releases stress 


       The prices of Thai Massage Delivery are the following: 

Oil massage is performed with special massage oil made of natural coconut combining acupressure massage with contact massage. We provide also comfortable portable massage table.


       The prices of Oil Massage Delivery are the following: 

The prices are in AMD and is paid for the service in advance. In case of cancelation on arrival, a fee of 5.000 AMD is charged. 

thai massage price list

Price List with Timetable

thai massage price list

From our salon, you can also buy our branded oils and shampoos made from ecologically clean raw materials. Coconut oil is designed for dry and sensitive skin, perfectly protects skin and hair from the adverse effects of the environment, restores hair shine to solid and firm as well as restores hair after chemical treatment.

Thai Spa
Thai Spa Reception
Thai Travel
Thai Foot Massage
Double Massage Room
Massage Room for Couples
Double Massage Room
Massage Room for Couples
Single Massage Room
Changing Room & Shower
Sauna with Massage Corner
Tea Lounge

Thai Spa opened its doors in Yerevan on March 7, 2015. Here you can enjoy an excellent massage by exclusively qualified Thai specialists. Thai Spa is a great place where you will be able to leave all the tension of the working day, with the help of our skilled and professional Thai therapists and the tranquil atmosphere of Thai gentle music. Here you will be able to enjoy the massage with your loved ones as well as with friends in a special room designed for couples where all the comforts are available to make your stay even more comfortable. Thai Spa also has a Thai herbal sauna which is pleasant to admit before the massage to multiply its usefulness. And after the massage you will be served our traditional Thai green tea, which will be remembered for a long time.

Gift Cards
Thai Spa
Price List

* half hour sauna option is available only in combinations with massages
all prices are in AMD

partial massages
facial peeling & massage
foot massage & reflexology
partial body massage without oil​

full body massages
Thai traditional massage without oil
Thai oil massage with coconut oil
Nirvana aromatic & relaxing massage
chocolate oil nutritive massage
aroma-candle romantic massage
hot basalt stone antistress massage
4 hands massage by 2 therapists
Thai herbal bags compress & massage
fusion hot sea stones massage​

body care
full body scrub peeling & massage
anti-cellulite slimming massage
aloe vera massage for skin curing
royal massage with scrub, hot stones & aroma

Thai herbal sauna
1 - 2 persons
3 - 4 persons

Thai combinations
Thai herbal sauna & Nirvana aromatic massage
Thai herbal sauna, body scrub & oil massage
herbal sauna & 4 hands massage with chocolate
compress with herbal bags & hot stone massage
Thai massage & compress with herbal bags

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